Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hometown Be part of somthing new.


A local magazine with a young, creative original view on life. Hometown is aimed at local 16-25 year olds and extend to university students and young adults.

The magazine will aim to appeal to 60% women and 40% men.

This will be an intelligent magazine and attract educated teens and young adults in the ABC category.

Hometown will appeal to current teens and young adults. This generation are hardworking, interested in social issues and not particularly rebellious, they care about social issues but are still creative and music mad. Young people are self-seekers and try new lifestyles using the internet, they do not all want to be the same, they love individualism.

Hometown is a guide to being young in the South West, where to shop, local bands and life advice as well as social issues. Hometown will be brave questioning the world. As well as local themes it will look at role models in the media, it will take a sideways look at celebrity and feminism. It will give very down to earth advice about difficult subjects like sex, drugs and health. This magazine will always treat the reader with intelligence and help entertain curious, intelligent minds explore new points of view. 

1 For the individualistic teen there will be fashion, it will be different, affordable local fashion with tips on how to get your own look and pictures of local teens who rock a look, Hometown in is a great position to have clothes for girls and boys in one place and not divide the looks up, true equality is what Hometown is about, we understand not everyone fits in a stereotypes.

A big part of hometown will be listings, reviews and interviews with local bands and acts. This will be a section called “Dark Circus”

3 The young do not like to pay for their media, this is thanks to the free entertainment on the internet, and this will have to be a free magazine run on advertising. This magazine is perfect for advertising, teenagers do not have much money but there are lots of shops that are aimed at them and need to

This magazine is perfect advertising space for any shop appealing to young adults. There is lots of scope for advertising features so you can show off your product in an edgy, young magazine. As well as paying for the magazine this will give your shop an image as up to date and daring as Hometown.

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