Saturday, 31 May 2014

Pillars Rock Respect


It must be hard to rip your heart out in front of a huge crowd on a cheery English summers day, especially at our  festival  Exeter Respect, with its laid back vibes and mix of music metal is not what most people associate with Exeter's best free weekend of the year. Pillars made a heroic attempt to bring melodic hardcore to the famous festival.

After hype and a few technical problems Pillars front man tried to bring the irresistible drama of a metal show to Respect. This was the lads’ biggest audience to date and they were out to impress the tough crowd, they were also thrilled simply to be on stage in front of thousands. The front man typical, tattooed and angry he did what he put huge effort into every scream and put in an athletic performance. The rest of the crew put on a great show too with lots of interaction and smiles between them, they obviously have a great bond this helps the tunes stay tight and the performance dynamic.

The guitar is simpler and cleaner than lots of modern hardcore acts and they stick to three guitars, drums and screamer, the drummer sings some melody, this old school line up helps the vocals shine.

At a metal show the audience usually rip out a little of their heart in return, they mosh, sing along and worship their modern Shaman who delve the depths of anger and expresses emotion that can't come out in modern life but this was not a metal crowd.  The boys still managed to move and impress puzzled punters.

Maybe Respect and he are compatible, after all mega rockers Muse played at the festival before they became the monster stadium fillers they are today, and bands clamoured to get a set at Respect. We need to remember the ethos of Exeter's favourite weekend is about bringing the whole community together, all different, all equal so we need to see more rock at Respect, bringing the metal heads to the festival has to be a good thing.

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