Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What do the EDL eat?

 The EDL came to Exeter, and many would say with good reason.(1) There has been evidence is a female circumcision at our hospital and when will there be more? We see women covered from head to toe walking down the High Street, when will they be asking every women to cover up completely? Most people dare not speak up about their fears because of fear about being racist.

On the same day families, English Disco lovers and important people in Exeter proudly marched down the High street against the EDL march. Everyone was welcome from spikey haired retro punks to Muslim families. There was a carnival atmosphere, the only thing that gave a clue going on this march could have got dangerous were police horses off Sidwell street. As the party walked past the shutters to the Kebab shops came up and the owners and workers waved at the marchers.

Now who wants kebab shops to close their shutters? They serve us with our choice of kebab weather it's veggie with extra salad or "no green stuff please,just the meat" to drunken revellers at about three in the morning. Now could we be trusted with a deep fat fryer after a night of drinking, moshing or dancing? People who own the Kebab shops are hardworking people who put up with the worst excesses of English culture with a smile and more patience than we deserve.

So do we have much to fear from foreigners in Exeter? Looking at some news stories they have more to fear from us.(2) A Muslim family were attacked, these are women attacked by men and teenagers; now here's a point, these people have feelings families and fears, what if this was your mum and sister? Do you walk down the Street in fear because of the way you dress? No, there were no stories about Muslims attacking anyone for what they wear in Exeter.

So what do we have to fear from the EDL? The Kebab shop owners probably were scared of being attacked,  look at the You Tube footage (3). So just think if this was your families business, you would want to protect it?

The police took the EDL very seriously, so seriously hundreds(4) turned up to babysit them but only about 200 EDL supporters turned up. Four managed to get arrested. Now 1000 people turned up to march against the EDL and nobody got arrested, not one Muslim, punk, gay pride rep or English Disco lover.
Now looking at the pictures the EDL are fond of a drink, after all they met at Exeter dive The Locomotive. After a day marching and drinking they must have been desperate for a kebab.

So the next time you get an extra large kebab with chilli sauce just think, these people tolerate us, we should do the same in return, you can't get more English than a takeaway at stupid o'clock, let's keep it that way.


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