Monday, 27 January 2014

The trouble with Miley

On holiday at Butlands , in the days before Mileys crop, twerking habit or interest in building sites there was a pretty, tuneful young woman doing a passable impression of Hanna Montana and Miley Cyrus. The little girls in the crowd were thrilled to see a photocopy of their idol, dads were thrilled the singer wasn't wearing a bra, how things have changed, David Cameron has complained, the American right went into melt down and she's supposed to bee the downfall of tweenage girls everywhere.

 Meily and alter ego Hanna Montana could be relied on to be  bland, virginal role models with banal lines like "believe in yourself", that's nice.

Miley was never normal, she describes herself as being born into showbiz bootcamp, while kids are waiting to be old enough to get their first Saturday job and begging for more pocket money she was making a fortune, now she's worth $150 million, now that must take discipline and hard work, maybe expressing more the naughty side of her character is the most normal thing this machine has ever done.

Fast forward, Miley appeared in a video being reborn as a sexy winged star in her video "Can't be Tamed" going as wild as you can go in an army style dance routine. The video gives Miley away, she plays a trapped creature who gets out of her cage then sexily writhes around with near naked dancers, of course the media called for her to be tamed by daddy, when was feminism? Feminism means she should have the same rights as men, and to do as she pleases.

But Meily is a role model. really? The idea of making such a young woman a role model is cruel, the media put her on a pedestal with no room to move before she was 20. No wonder this made for parents fantasy super girl and jumped off her pedestal  before she was pushed. Like the men watching the bad photocopy, she's a girls on stage, if you play virginal the media will still look down your top maybe it's better to be in control and get your boobs out on your own terms.

Then there's the haircut, dear lord young woman cuts off her mummy and Disney pleasing mane, is  this news? Well not compared to all the wars and revolutions going on. It could be called a feminist statement Germaine Greer got sick of her mop in her youth too, she said this about feminine, long hair " I’m sick of weighting my head with a dead mane, unable to move my neck freely" This clip shows a short haircut did good things for Miley too, maybe it made her feel free of the good girl Hanna Montana, Germaine's classic describes women as being repressed and sexless, sounds a bit like being stuck in Hanna Montanas body past the age of 16.

The star  has called herself a feminist, in her way way she is, she's doing what she wants to do. Miley doesn't play the victim card like Katie Price selling  her latest broken heart to the lowest magazine with the biggest cheque, she makes a hit song about it then shocks everyone with the video. Now turn a broken heart into art and make a ton of cash, that's a smart move.

I expect the Miley copy had a good summer, I expect she was every bit as naughty as the real one, the one with short hair, being crazy and making mistakes. Celebs are stories and symbols, who knows what's under that? Both women may become a mothers, a role model, better at advising her daughter for being a woman with a past and one that made mistakes, no not mistakes, decisions then seeing what the experiment called life brings. Now even pop stars have the right to do that, as much right as fame hungry girls pretending to be someone they're not.

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